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 Computer Technology
 Summer School HS
 Swim, Adult
 Swim, Youth
 Water Exercise

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Computer Technology
        Computer Technology (adult)
               Excel - Part 1 (Basics-Getting Started)
               Excel - Part 2 (Formulas for Beginners/Basics Cont.)
               Excel - Part 3 (Formulas continued, Plus)
               Excel - Part 4 (Charts, & More)
               Intermediate Word Processing
               Introduction to Computers: Windows 8 (Laptop Class)
               MS Word 2007 - Part 2 (Features and Text Formats)
               MS Word 2007 - Part 3 (Paragraph/Page Formats)
               MS Word 2007 - Part 4 (Working with Documents)
               MS Word 2007/2010 - Part 1 (Basic Orientation & Editing Skills)
               PowerPoint 2007-2010 Basics
               Upgrade to Windows 8.1
               Windows 8.1 Intro to Computers

        Gymnastics (youth)
               Advance Beginning Gymnastics
               Advanced Tumbling
               Bad Ck
               Beginning Gymnastics
               Beginning K & 1st Grade
               Beginning Tumbling
               Birthday Parties
               Competitive Level 5 - 7
               Extra Classes Summer 14
               Gymnastics Gift Certificates
               High School
               Intermediate Gymnastics
               Intermediate Tumbling
               Level 3
               Level 4
               Level 4's
               Level 4/5s
               Level 6/7/8's
               Little Stars 3 1/2 to 4
               Open Gym
               Pre Team
               Preschool playtime
               Processing fee
               Shining Stars 4,5 &6 years old
               Team Season Payment in full
               Twinkle Stars

Summer School HS
        Language Arts (High School)
               ELA 9 - 1st Semester

Swim, Adult
        Swim Lessons (adult)
               Adult Swim Lessons (Beginner/Intermediate)

Swim, Youth
        Swim Lessons (youth)
               Aqua Tots
               LPS swim lessons - Beginner
               LPS swim lessons - Intermediate
               LPS swim lessons -Adv. Beginner 1 & 2
               LPS swim lessons -Intermediate
               LPS Swim Lessons-Pre-Beginner
               LPS-Swim Lessons- Beginning/Adv. Beginning
               LPS-Women only swim class
               Semi-private swim lessons
               Swimmer/Adv swim (youth)/Tues Women

Water Exercise
        Water Exercise
               Water Exercise

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